About Myself

Hi! My name is Tamara and here is a  little information about myself.  I am a National Team Manager of Indep. Watkins Consultants. I’ve been an Indep. Watkins Consultant since 2008 and this is what I do full-time.

When I first started out I was doing sales and helping customers get the products they needed. Eventually I had people joining the business under me and my team grew quite a bit.

With consultants on my team from all across Canada & the USA I decided to focus my efforts on team management.

tamara laschinsky

Now, I help those on my team who want help. My assistance comes in various forms and is free to those on my team (and who are part of my downline):

  • One-on-One support
  • Access to our Facebook training group
  • Freedom to use the many graphics & videos I use to help you promote your business
  • Access to articles I’ve written about business building
  • Free listing in our consultant directory, FindaLocalConsultant.com which helps customers find you


I graduated college with a degree in Business Administration. My majors were E-Commerce and Marketing.

Truthfully,  I never saw myself doing what I’m doing today. My business degree was very vast in the courses we covered and really, it prepared you for a variety of jobs. After college I had some sales positions, then office positions and finally, my own business!


The Watkins business can be very rewarding. Sure, you do make extra income and it’s very helpful no matter what your life circumstance is. Having my own business has certainly helped me with work/life balance and allowing me the freedom to work my own schedule. I’ve also received some wonderful awards with this company including:

  • Top sponsor for 3 years straight
  • Recognition for growth of our team
  • Recognition for personal growth of the business
  • Free trips to Cancun, Arizona, Dominican Republic, Cabos San Lucas and Costa Rica

This business has been amazing and for me, life-changing! I love what I do and really do enjoy helping others succeed in their business and reach their business goals.

If you decide to join my team, either through myself or someone on my team (search FindaLocalConsultant.com to find someone near you) you will have access to all the benefits listed above. My main goal is to help those on my team who want the help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Note: If you contact another consultant on the Find a Local Consultant directory and they do not reply, please let me know so I can assist you. Some consultants are away or they may not be interested in sponsoring others. Also, if their listing is private it’s because they chose not to be listed and would rather inquiries come to me so I can assist. Just reach out to me if you need assistance, I’m happy to help!