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Perks of the Gold Team Group

So why did I create this group. I suppose a team as large as ours should have a name but the main reason was for exclusivity.

I spend a lot of time making graphics for our team to use but in this day and age of copy and paste, I wanted to make sure the graphics offered to our team, stayed within our team.

You will notice our main graphics have the Gold Team Group logo/watermark on them somewhere. This allows you to use the graphic but if someone wishes to find out more about the Gold Team Group, they can come here to learn more.

It's also a way to show what benefits there are to joining this team. From the training, Facebook group, free graphics and directory listing - the Gold Team Group offers lots to new Watkins consultants.

Over the years, I have had other consultants/managers copy my graphics and ideas of directory listings which is another reason why I started using watermarks. Transparency is important which is why the many websites I have out there, link to one another and show you, the reader, as much information as you could possibly desire.

I list our current compensation plan, FAQs about the business, show videos and photos of free trips I've actually been on. I show the directory listing which is current and updated with the consultants on our team.

For myself, a business is a very serious step and you need to have all the answers to your questions before you begin. From Day 1 I promised myself I would never be deceitful or use sales-gimmicks or pressure to anyone considering this business or to anyone on my team.

If you ask a question, I will answer honestly. Some people have said they want a business that will make them rich overnight (or at least, within a month)...I have been 100% honest with them - this is not it! Nor is any 'legit' business going to make anyone rich in a short time frame.

This is a business, like any other, it requires work and time to grow. I will help you if you wish, however I can, but I will not do the business for you. (Like I said, I'm just being honest and upfront!)


  • One-on-One Training
  • Free listing in team directory (Find a Local
  • Free graphics & videos to use
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Access to articles and books I've published on business building